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Medical Director

Dr. Rosensweet graduated from the University of Michigan Medical School in 1968. He has been in private medical practice since 1971, and has had offices in New Mexico, California, and Colorado and is currently in practice in Southwest Florida. Dr. Rosensweet was the clinical physician involved in the very first Nurse Practitioner training program in the U.S.A. and in charge of health promotion for the State of New Mexico. He teaches health professionals about the treatment of women in menopause with bio-identical hormones
  • Nationally known lecturer. Just named “One of the Biggest Names in Anti Aging Medicine” by A4M
  • Principle Investigator for a scientific study of female hormones sponsored by Metametrix Clinical Laboratory
  • Author of the books Menopause and Natural Hormones and Happy Healthy Hormones: How to Thrive in Menopause
  • Organizer of a National Summit Committee on the Treatment of Women in Menopause with Bio Identical Hormones
  • Founder of The Menopause Method, i wonder, doctor…, The Coalition for the Protection of BioIdentical Hormones, and Brite.

Andrei Terasenco


Andrei was born in Eastern Europe, educated in Sweden, and then moved to North America in 2007. His life has been stimulating, challenging, and full of business adventures. Over the years he has created a number of entrepreneurial startups from multiple Health and Wellness Projects, online e-commerce brands, consulting services, restaurants, software companies, and international trading services to Oil Sands industry companies. Establishing and growing businesses in various industries provided a great wealth of knowledge and skills that he has been able to share and contribute to others as a business advisor, public speaker, and leader. Having to move so many times through Europe and America, he believes, has instilled in him the power of starting over, the continuous opportunity for reinvention, and the joy of pursuing life. What he also learned is that to accomplish great things we must not only dream but also act, not only believe but also plan.

Joshua Rosensweet


Josh was in green commercial banking before joining his father in hormone replenishment more than fifteen years ago. The leap came from love. He’d watched how menopause had changed his mom’s life so drastically and then how hormones had brought her back to herself. He saw his father’s passion for radically improving the standard of care in hormone medicine as something he could spend the rest of his life pouring his curiosity and passion into.

He graduated Magna Cum Laude from The University of New Mexico after studying English and dabbling in Entrepreneurial studies and Flamenco dancing. His passion has always been to be part of creating companies founded with the mission to be of lasting value to the world. Because he and the love of his life of 33 years are both in that second half of life, Josh feels acutely that every decade of vitality he can bring to his sistren and brethren of similar age… well that this is his legacy.


Jenifer Rosensweet

Creative Director

Jenifer has spent her entire life as a maker. From sneaking her future husband into her high school jewelry classes, all those years ago, it’s always been about sharing this wonder with others. She graduated Cum Laude from The University of New Mexico with a degree in Fine Arts and had her work carried for decades in some of the finest galleries.

It was the effects of the diminishment of hormones and the extensive benefits of having them replenished that first drew her to want to join her father-in-law and husband in this field.

She has said that she sees us all as beings sending our ripples out into the world. The meaning and the joy in this work, for her, comes from helping others to rise back into themselves so that they have more left to share and contribute; to increase the size and power of those ripples