Hello, Vibrant Woman listeners, and welcome to BRITE!

Brite is the only solvent-free 100% organic method of delivering hormones topically. We created this more than ten years ago and more than 10,000 women have been treated using it. We’re so proud of it. Hormone replenishment changes lives.
For the first time ever, starting in about a month, we’ll be able to bring you compounded hormones for about half of what they usually cost.
At checkout, enter the coupon code “Vibrant.” This will reduce your price to $79/mnth (down from $99/mnth) if you pay annually or $99/mnth (down from $124/month) if you pay monthly. Know that what you’re doing today is reserving your spot by paying $1. You won’t be charged anything more until you start getting your hormones.
To learn more about us, go to www.menopausemethod.com
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Prices are based on four hormone prescriptions: Estrogen(s), Progesterone, Testosterone, and DHEA.  If your medical practitioner prescribes fewer hormones, your charges will be less.  To get started, ask your existing medical provider if they will be willing to switch you to Brite (or start you on hormones in the first place).  Let her (or him) know that it’s easy and we’ll happily get them started. Direct her to www.brite.live.  You can also reach out to us at support@brite.live  to see if we’ve trained a provider in your area.

*Prices will not increase for a least a year from your first prescription
** Prescriptions last between one month and three. Shipping and handling: $9.97 or $15.97 for rush delivery.
*** You will automatically be sent a free copy of Dr. Rosenweet’s latest book: Happy Healthy Hormones