Jim Hrncir, RPh

Jim Hrncir RPHJim Hrncir RPh foundedLas Colinas Pharmacy, Compounding & Wellness in 1984. Recognized as one of the pioneers of modern pharmaceutical compounding, Jim’s 1986 creation of Estradiol Transdermal Gel was the first of its kind in the United States. He is responsible for the formulation of many Bio-Identical Hormone, Dermatological, Nutritional, and Anti-Aging compounds in wide use throughout the United States. Jim was named the 2017 Compounding Pharmacist of the Year by Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA) and Independent Pharmacist of Year 2022 by Pharmacy Development Services (PDS). He served on the board of the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists (IACP). NCPA’s magazine America’s Pharmacist featured Jim and Las Colinas Pharmacy as the cover story for December 2019. Las Colinas Pharmacy has been a PCAB/ACHC Accredited Compounding pharmacy since 2014. Jim acts as a compounding pharmacy expert consultant forthe Texas State Board of Pharmacy’s USP 800 task force and the Compounding Standards & Ethics task force.

The internationally syndicated Dr. Phil Show featured Jim on several episodes as an expert in Bio-Identical Hormones and Pharmaceutical Compounding. Dr Phil’s Wife, Robin McGraw, promoted Jim’s Anti-Aging Skin Care product- Vitamin C Infusion Cream on separate episodes. In Robin’s latest book What’s Age Got to Do With It?,Jim contributed the chapter on Hormones and Thyroid (proclaimed by Oprah as her “favorite chapter!”). Dr Phil and Robin recruited Jim to help develop her Anti-Aging skin care line, Revelation, released in Nov 2016.

Optimum Integrative Medicine Assessment and Management Software. Utilizing a team of integrative medicine specialists, Jim spearheaded the development of a software program used by Integrative Medicine providers and Consulting Pharmacists to better assess, manage and treat female and male BHRT, thyroid and functional medicine cases. The software also makes recommendations for supplements based on support of medical conditions and drug-induced nutrient depletions. Jim continues to provide extensive integrative medicine clinical patient consultations for patients, for prescribing practitioners and is passionate about his work with veterans with Traumatic Brain injury utilizing the software.

Optimum Therapeutic Solutions (OTS)- professional use supplement line. With nutrition and supplements occupying such an important place in his practice, Jim and his team developed an exclusive line of supplements, employing only the highest quality and research-based formulas. The team also developed a web service that uses algorithmic logic to make supplement recommendations based on support of medical conditions (ICD-10 codes) or drug-induced nutrient depletions. APIs to the web-service are set up for OHB software, OTS e-store, and for pharmacy management software. The line is only available to pharmacists and medical providers, via wholesale or through revenue sharing sales on the OTS e-store.

In demand to train physicians, mid-level medical providers, nurses and pharmacists, Jim provides a 9 contact hour course entitled “Nuts and Bolts Training for Bio-Identical Hormones, Thyroid and Anti-Aging Medicine”. Providers receive intense, real-time, “how to practice” information on BHRT for Males, BHRT for Females, Thyroid, Low Dose Naltrexone, Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency, Ethical Nutritional Supplements, and Principles of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Jim has received extensive continuing education in the areas of Bio-Identical Hormones, Nutrition, Anti-Aging Medicine, Weight Management, Pain Management, Neurotransmitter Management, Brain Health, Natural and Functional Medicine including the use of botanical medicines, nutritional supplements, Detoxification and Purification, homeopathy and lab testing. He has lectured across the country on a variety of topics including Clinical Patient Consulting, BHRT Assessment and Case Management, Low Dose Naltrexone, Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment Protocols, and Ketamine for Treatment-Resistant Depression and PTSD.

Using his advanced knowledge of integrative medicine, Jim developed treatment protocols to help patients suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury and subsequent downstream sequala including PTSD, depression, suicide ideation, social isolation disorders, self-medicating behaviors, and cognitive dysfunction. Working with several veteran support groups, Jim has treated more than 200 veterans suffering from TBI and PTSD.

Jim is a member of Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA), American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, Age Management Medical Group, Texas Pharmaceutical Association, International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists and the National Association of Community Pharmacists.