Mary Lee Snodgrass, RPh

MLS PROF PICMary Lee Snodgrass has been practicing pharmacy for over 39 years. She comes from a family of pharmacists, including her father, two sisters, two nieces, and a nephew.

After graduating from the University of Kentucky School of Pharmacy in 1983, she left with a very traditional outlook on healthcare and continued with this mindset for 25 years.

However, about 15 years ago, that started to change. Mary Lee noticed that patients were not getting better, but they were getting more medications. So that started her journey into wellness—no more of “a pill for every ill” mentality.

She works with patients individually to help them regain control of their health and has been doing consultations for hormone replacement for over 12 years. Her practice is at Sheldon’s Express Pharmacy and Wellness Center in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Mary Lee’s motto for each and every patient is “healthy, happy, and hormonally balanced.”