Val Koganski, MD

Val Koganski, MDVal Koganski, MD, IFMCP has been practicing Holistic Medicine since 1997. He is a primary care internal medicine doctor, who is dually certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) and the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM). He was named as one of the Philadelphia Magazine’s Top Doctors™ in Internal Medicine for 2022-2017, as well as the Smartest Family Physician in America and Smartest Doc Internist™ by in collaboration with the Cleveland Clinic, winning these honors among thousands of participating physicians countrywide.

Dr. Koganski specializes in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of complex and chronic medical conditions. His practice is dedicated to the comprehensive treatment of the whole patient by incorporating the latest advances in traditional medicine, combined with various holistic and integrative modalities to address the unique concerns of each patient. No single approach is right for all physical/mental conditions. He combines Conventional and Functional Medicine approaches, using nutrition, exercise, emotional health, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, herbal supplements and biofeedback therapies as needed, to restore the long-term health and vitality of each individual, as well as to extend patient’s healthy lifespan.

Dr. Koganski offers a Concierge Membership Program to his patients, which enables him to devote more time to each patient’s comprehensive care, giving them 24/7 access directly to him, focusing on functional medicine evaluations, in-depth genetic testing, nutritional and health coaching to achieve true wellness.

Dr. Koganski is a member of the International Evidence Based Longevity Group, comprised of physicians and scientists dedicated to extending our healthy lifespan. His practice offers a Longevity Program, designed to provide early diagnosis of age-related changes in your body, including early signs of potential disorders, then provide you with guidance on how to improve or reverse these changes to extend your healthspan and lifespan.

As a dual board-certified physician in Internal Medicine and Functional Medicine, as well as a member of the International Evidence Based Longevity Group, he is happy to help you to Start Your Journey to Better Health Today!